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Owner & Founder of AZ Farm & Wellness

Ariel, a nutritionist health coach since 2017, farmer since 2015, and speaker. She helps people fix the root cause of their gut and brain problems so they can experience more balance, joy, and function to their life, allowing them to finally heal from chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions.

Her passion for health comes from her own life challenges at a young age. Ariel was born with a life long condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta (O.I.), a genetic condition resulting in weak bone formation that allows her bones to break more than the average person. She has experienced over 22 surgeries and over 30 broken bones by the age of 15 years old.

At age 11 she was getting treatment and counseling for depression and anxiety as a result of her physical traumas, parent's traumatic divorce and co-parenting, bullying, isolation, and physical and emotional abuse. Ariel was under so much pain and despair that she would do anything to learn how to end the cycle of pain in her body, mind, spirit and her home.


She contributes her beginnings of farming and food education at SIUC to be the foundation of her healing and success. Her experience working with food on a deeply connected level has healed her depression, overcome her anxiety, experiences zero physical pain and has found a deep meaning in service of providing a service for others to find healing like she has.


Ariel believes that no matter what life challenges and pain you have gone through everyone has much more choice in how they want to live, they just need guidance to get there.



2018 School of Applied Functional Medicine, Functional Medicine Health Coach

2017 Chicago Botanic Garden, Horticulture Therapy Certificate

2017 SmartBody SmartMind, Nervous System Health (Stress/Trauma Informed)

2014 Farm Beginnings Graduate from Food Works

2013 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics

2011 Illinois Valley Community College, AS Pre-Med


AZ Farm & Wellness is a therapeutic farm and health coaching service that provides services for adults to have a safe space to learn, heal, and grow through taking care of themselves through eating better, overcoming anxiety and depression, increasing purpose, self-esteem and confidence through farm therapy. Ariel facilitates healing with one-on-one coaching, and group programs.

AZ Farm & Wellness was established in March 2017 by Ariel Zimmerlein, a 5th generation farmer, to include nutrition services focusing on eating a local, whole-food lifestyle, to add to the healing mission of her farm, AZ Farm (est. 2015). The farm is owned by Ariel and is currently located in Marseilles, Illinois with her new husband (married in September 2019). 


The farm uses regenerative organic agriculture practices, free of man-made chemicals to support and grow healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people and a healthy planet. The produce from the farm is grown for therapeutic purposes and excess is sold in the summer at the Ottawa Farmer's Market in downtown Ottawa, IL. The farm grows a variety of organic and heirloom varieties to support biodiversity of plants and preservation of seed genetics.

To stay up to date on the farm, follow AZ Farm & Wellness on Facebook to keep up to date of what's new and upcoming events following this link here



Our Mission

Improve the optimal health and life of people and the planet while making agriculture the foundation in healthcare.


Our Values

  • Connect people with their health, plants, community, and local foods

  • Nurture the health of people and the planet

  • Build a community that supports human health and planet health

  • Support diversity of people, plants, and all life on the planet

  • Inspire the next generation of healthy living

  • Empower people to take back their health and their environment

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