The Mission and Action

It has taken me long to deliver in my heart, mind, body, and soul of the passion and action I take to create a new world, a new way of living that is in service to the good of all.

The time has come with a push from the Divine, Higher Power, or God as many may call to share with you my agenda, my vision, and my life’s work. It may shock you, tickle you, anger you, or completely disregard it as something silly, but that’s okay. This mission. This vision is bigger than you or me. All I can do is answer the call and guidance I am being given and that is one to bring about a new health care system.

My work with AZ Farm & Wellness is to model a health care system where we work with the health of the soil and the health of the people. To me, the future of healthcare practitioners for long-term health will account for and be trained in the health of the system as a whole, that of the soil, the plant, the animal, the human, and that which will account for the health of all living organisms on the planet.

We are all connected and impacted by every living thing in its every action or lack of action regardless if you see the connections. To truly serve each other is to also serve the earth. What we give to our planet we will receive in kind.

Our food is less nutritious because of our insults in our agriculture practices and we have paid the price dearly with our lives and the epidemic numbers of disease, addictions, mental health issues, are a direct result of what has transpired over the last few decades. It is time now to work with the natural cycles that bring us our health and deconstruct the ways we have created that no longer serve us in our pursuit towards wellness in all our life aspects.

My work will bring back wellness to the earth and our people by addressing the three main issues of our health that impact every area of our health:

Poor Food


Environmental Toxins

Poor Food

There are so many foods and food-like substances offered and consumed today that it is easy to be distracted on what our body needs and recognizes. Many of our foods are very deficient in nutrients because of our current agriculture practices that it is impossible in this day to get all our nutrient needs from our foods, however real food is still the best medicine. Not only is our food deficient in nutrients it is often processed heavily with added chemicals where the body sees these as foreign invaders causing inflammation in its pursuit to fight it off, with prolonged activation the body’s systems wear down, gunking up our natural detoxifying pathways, and after so long of constant stress of attacks and body dysfunction that cause much suffering from chronic health conditions.

Here are just some of the ways AZ Farm and Wellness addresses poor foods:

With Functional Medicine Health Coaching:

-Educate on how the body is designed to work and help interpret the root cause of your body’s symptoms

-Provide customized support in where you are at in your health journey and support your body’s unique dietary needs

-Facilitate a deep, supportive, and loving relationship with one’s body and their food choices

-As necessary, provide targeted, high-quality nutrient supplements based off of lab work data to restore function to all body systems

With the Farm:

-Increasing nutrient-density in our foods

-Increasing access to local, nutrient-dense foods in the community

-Working with and promoting other local farmers to provide organic, nutrient-dense foods

-Increasing cost of organic, nutrient-dense foods to provide a living for small farmers (many farmers do not make a living on their produce and must have other means of income to support their health, life, and home. We must value our sources of food as medicine and pay for it as such.)

-Teaching other aspiring farmers how to grow nutrient-dense foods through internships

-Conserve and grow seed diversity

-Conserve and grow soil microbial diversity

-Avoid the use of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides

-Increase crop diversity

-Utilize crop rotations

-Avoid the use of GMOs

-Promote farmer diversity


Stress is rampant in today’s world and it does a huge disservice to our health. No matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise, if you are in a stressed, gotta run and grind through your day mindset, daily over a period of time it does in fact lower your life expectancy. Why? Because being in a constant fight, flight, or freeze state shuts down the body’s ability to digest absorb properly. When we don’t digest properly we don’t get the nutrients in our cells and when we don’t get nutrients to our cells we get sick or die unexpectedly. Now on top of that when we are stressed we tend to make poor food choices that tend to have the most calorie content, but often lack nutrients and have toxins with it compounding our risks for health. Stress in our food choices can also influence how we treat others, when we don’t deal with our stress we often take it out on others, causing an even more stressful and hostile environment that cultivates trauma, continuing the cycle of stress.

Here are just some of the ways AZ Farm and Wellness addresses stress:

With Functional Medicine Health Coaching:

-Educate on how the body is designed to work with stress, trauma, and all the emotions that are attached to stress such as anger, fear, guilt, shame, grief and love

-Provide support in identifying thoughts and behaviors that promote stress and help find and take action in solutions

-Facilitate one’s relationship with stress and develop healthy ways to reduce stress

-As necessary, provide targeted, high-quality nutrient supplements based off of lab work data to restore function and reduce stress to the body

With the Farm:

-Workshops on and off the farm that educate on the stress response and trauma

-Summer programs to facilitate movement through the various states of mental stress with understanding healthy and unhealthy states of emotions that are attached to anger, fear, guilt, shame, grief, and love

-Providing opportunities to work on the farm as being and working with nature has shown to regulate the stress response

Environmental Toxins

Toxins are everywhere. From toxins applied to our soil and food, processed foods, our medications, our clothes, our detergent on our sheets and clothes, our hygiene products, our cleaning products, our water, to even rubbing up against the flame retardant soaked couch as you relax after a hard day’s work all soak into our skin. Our skin is our biggest organ that soaks up the chemical compositions in our everyday surroundings. What is toxic to one person can be fine for another individual and our toxin tolerance is individual. Our liver and bile ducts do much of the heavy work of moving out these toxins. However over time with chronic compounded exposure this process gunks up the excretion pathways causing health issues.

To put exposure to environmental toxins simply:

“ Low levels of toxin exposure may initially cause no (or only subtle) effects, but over the long term can lead to frank dysfunction that may be remote in both space and time from the toxin exposure. That is, slow accumulation with delayed expression of toxic effects.”

- Dr. Kenneth Bock, MD

Here are just some of the ways AZ Farm and Wellness addresses environmental toxins:

With Functional Medicine Health Coaching:

-Educate on how toxins move through the body

-Provide support in identifying toxins in environment or foods that cause the body stress

-Offer solutions and resources to minimizes toxins in one’s environment

-As necessary, provide targeted, high-quality supplements based off of lab work data to remove toxins safely and restore function

With the Farm:

-Avoid all use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides

-Utilize crop rotations, crop diversity, and increase soil health to limit pests and disease

-Use organic certified products and methods for growing foods

-Sequester and utilize rainwater for hydrating plants

-Use only organic and heirloom seeds

By addressing poor foods, stress, and environmental toxins in our soils and our human health I believe these are the keys to truly addressing the majority of our world’s biggest health problems today.

If any or all of what I am pursuing in restoring health to you and our world then consider working with me or reach out to learn more on how I can help you with your health and overall quality of life, just contact me with the link below:

Blessings to you and your health journey,



Ariel Zimmerlein is a Holistic Health Coach and Farmer. She uses her B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and her lifetime learning and experience with chronic illness and childhood trauma to empower others to live life fully regardless of the circumstances they have been given. She runs her farm, AZ Farm and Wellness, and loves to grow food for its inner and outer healing benefits.

She focuses her practice on nutrition, stress, with special interest in mental/emotional health. She serves those with chronic health conditions who are challenged by pain, isolation, depression, and anxiety. Visit her at to learn more.

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