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Are Bad Habits Due to Laziness or Lack of Willpower?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Do you ever feel like a lazy seal lying on the beach? When it comes to health do you feel like

if you just had more will power you could meet your health goals? You might be surprised that willpower isn't your problem.

I remember a conversation I had with a potential client over a year ago and when it came to the close her response was "I'll just use my willpower to get my fitness goals". Yet this woman had been struggling with weight and low energy for years trying diets like Weight Watchers with little to know improvement. Here's the thing she's had her willpower the whole time before talking with me. So why didn't she use it already to reach her fitness goals? Yet she is not alone in her belief.

In fact, according the U.S. News, 80% fail their new year's resolution about this time of year in mid February towards bettering their life through their health. Many people hold the belief that our bad habits are due to laziness or a lack of willpower.

In fact, the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America Survey shows that when it comes to a person’s ability to make a healthy lifestyle change the number ONE reason for not following through with healthy changes is the belief of having a lack of willpower.

Well here’s a #truthbomb....

Willpower DOESN’T work.

At least not when it comes to reaching long-term health goals. Because the truth is willpower doesn't work for long-term commitments such as lifestyle changes to create the health our body needs.

I cannot tell you how many chocolate cakes I use to buy at the store and eat the whole thing by myself in a matter of 3 days!

Why does this happen? Well your willpower depletes every time temptation is resisted. The mental stress of maintaining willpower makes every poor food interaction a sure thing to be consumed.

Think about it! We are constantly bombarded with poor food choices in aspect of our environment...from the candy and cookies in the break room at work, to the processed chips and fatty foods our family and friends consume, to even the fried foods at the hospital cafeteria while visiting a sick loved one (You would think a place centered on providing they would serve only foods that support optimal health….. but hey, fried chicken).

Willpower is only helpful in short-term goals, like going to the gym that first time of the year, but the willpower to continue soon leaves after the first session. It is therefore important to have self-control practices put in place to meet long-term goals.

You must have a plan in place for those times when your willpower is not enough and will keep you from eating the foods you overeat on. Stress and lack of time will all sway you towards convenience over your health. Even our gut microbes have immense amount of influence over our food choices and food cravings. People notice when they visit my house that I do not keep cake or cookies of any kind. Well there’s a reason for that….

Don’t let your desire for a healthy life rely on your willpower! You can make healthy long-term changes! It just takes support, learning, and applying constant simple self-control practices in the various environments you are tempted.

You matter too much to quit on yourself! You deserve to feel good and healthy! Let me help guide you towards wellness you have been dreaming for your whole life. Don't be the 80% who quit on their health every year mid February. Your time is now. I have 3 private coaching spots open starting February, if you you need support and want a jumpstart with targeted health approaches just for your unique body. You can learn more about my private health coaching if you want to know more. If your ready now to get started on your health, contact me for private coaching here and we'll move forward from there. I look forward to meeting with you because you deserve to feel well.



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