Mission and Vision






AZ Farm & Wellness is a therapeutic farm and health coaching business that addresses the human and environmental health crisis affecting the world today. AZ Farm & Wellness connects and repairs the connection of human health and soil health through a variety of approaches. These approaches of human health and soil health are used to restore balance to physiological and psychological health serving young adults and teens to take care of themselves through eating better, overcoming anxiety and depression, increasing purpose, self-esteem and confidence through horticulture and farming. 






Our Mission

is to educate, empower, and nurture people who struggle with their mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health in an environment that supports their healing process.






Our Vision

is to be a world leader in providing a farm-based healthcare system that creates healthy soils and healthy people through sustainable and root cause healing efforts that restore optimal health to the people and the planet.


Our Values

  • Connect people with plants and whole local foods

  • Foster the health of people and the planet

  • Build a community that supports human health and soil health

  • Support diverse people and microbial populations

  • Inspire the next generation of healthcare and farmers

Our Goal

To make agriculture the foundation in healthcare by nurturing better soil health and human health

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