Local Foods and Local Farmers

Soil is the foundation of which we all depend on.


The nutrients, the microbiology, and inorganic and organic matter in the soil are what translate to optimal plant health, and ultimately optimal human health. The nutrients in the soil are the nutrients that become the nutrients in the foods we eat.


Farmers are the stewards of the land, the caretakers of the health of the soil. Farmers who grow and sell locally grow foods at peak harvest where nutrients and natural sugars are at their highest and are distributed quickly to obtain minimal nutrient loss before consumer consumption.


Therefore, because of small farms produce and distribute locally, small local farmers produce the most nutrient-dense, whole-foods, and are less likely to use herbicides, pesticides, GMO seeds, synthetic fertilizers. Small farmers are more inclined to grow a diverse set of crops, using organic or heirloom seeds, organic fertilizers, minimal use of organic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Just ask a farmer their process and they are eager to share.

AZ Farm & Wellness believes local foods are the foundation in achieving maximum health of soils, health of plants, health of humans, and overall the health of all life on our planet. In order to achieve a foundation of maximum health through local foods their needs to be a strong local food system that supports the viability and sustainability of our local farmers and local businesses.

In AZ Farm & Wellness's support and education on local foods and supporting the growth of local farmers, below are live interviews of local farmers across the Illinois Valley.


This project was done to bring awareness on how the community can learn where their local farmers are, what they offer, where they offer, and how the community can support them personally as well as other farmers in the area. So enjoy getting to know this community of farmers and take action in supporting them in building our local food system.

Illinois Valley Farmer Interview Series

Hedgebote Farm: Rachel Berry

Princeton, IL

Salander Farm: Paul Salander

Mendota, IL

Donnie Appleseed Orchard: Don Wenzel 

La Salle, IL